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Back to contesting!

Olivia Mills


After a long break from any kind of contesting, the band were back at it this weekend at the Blackburn and Darwen march and hymn contest. We were awarded 2nd place for the third section and enjoyed a celebratory trip to the pub. A grand day out back doing what we enjoy!

3 lockdowns later...

Olivia Mills


Tonight was one of the great moments in the band's very long history. Thanks to the continuing generosity of the directors of Chester Racecourse, we were able to have a full band rehearsal since December 2020. We are rusty and have work to do, but we are back and still leading the way with the return of brass banding after the pandemic.
Merry Christmas from City of Chester

Olivia Mills


Happy Christmas to all! As promised, City of Chester didn't cancel a single visit to the 21 care homes booked in over the Christmas season. The weather was dreadful, it rained almost every night and some homes were in total lockdown due to outbreaks, so we had to play from pavements off the premises. In one memorable evening we had to compete with cages of budgies and parakeets woken up by our lights and playing!
1000 care home residents reached plus passers by. A good months work.
The band wish you all a merry and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Brass success for Ryan

Tony Blain


One member of the Training Band has been very busy during lock down . Here is his story

During lockdown in April, I got fed up of practicing the same things, so my Dad saw something about the National Children's Brass Band of Great Britain on social media  and decoded to fill in the application form and sent it off, I had to choose a test piece from a list and a contrasting pidce of my choice, so I chose Trumpeters Lullaby from test piece and Air by Peter McCann for my own choice, also in audition would be sight reading and scales, I had to learn 12 scales by memory as I wouldn't know which ones they would choose for me to play, I practiced and practiced and when happy with pieces sent them off, had my audition on Sunday in late October and did sight reading and scales which they chose 5,waited 2 weeks for the result and so happy that I was successful, my hard work paid off in the summer.


Ryan Jones 

Age 11

Magazine centrefold!!!

Olivia Mills


The City of Chester Main band are honoured to be featured in Brass Band World magazine about leading the way on the return of brass banding!


A new home

Olivia Mills


The City of Chester band is extremely grateful to the directors and staff of Chester racecourse, who have very kindly offered the use of a space with some overhead shelter and lighting. Pre-covid since 1853 the band had only briefly stopped rehearsing during World War One and Two. The band had been rehearsing in gardens but light and shelter were becoming a problem, so our new home is the solution we need. The band will have to start layering up a bit more, but rehearsing can continue on! 
The main band are back!

Olivia Mills


After a long period of home practice, zoom pubs and mini band, the City of Chester main band had their first full band rehearsal tonight since March. Huge thanks to our trombone player Donna Jackson who has very kindly let us use her garden as a rehearsal spot and thank you to her neighbours for being accommodating to the sound (good and bad!). We are very proud to be leading the way to get brass banding back! (All precautions have been taken re social distancing)

VJ day

Olivia Mills


In these very difficult times, City of Chester Brass band is very proud of our principal cornet Phil Mottershead for representing the band at the VJ Day ceremony at Chester Cathedral.

Mini band revolution!

Olivia Mills


With covid restriction starting to ease, the City of Chester main band has formed a series of mini bands. Many of our members have offered the use of gardens and all precautions are taken re social distancing etc. We may be a bit (extremely) rusty, but what a joy to play together. Lets hope a full band rehearsal is in the near future!
Uncertain times

Olivia Mills


The band is amongst the many organisations that is suspending all rehearsals for now. We will have a great party when this is all over and in the meantime are investigating the possibility of using the internet for watch parties, tutorials, playing together remotely etc. Take care all and dig out that copy of Arban. We hope to be back very soon!