Main Band

The Main Band is looking to recruit a competent Bass Trombone player in order to fill, our otherwise full compliment of players. Please email Matthew McCleary via [email protected] if you are interested in this vacancy.


We are in the fortunate position of having every other seat filled, however we always welcome anyone who wants to come for a blow. Please email Matthew McCleary via, [email protected]  so we can make sure you're not sitting on someone's lap.


If you’re still at the learning stage or returning to banding after a long break, you are recommended to contact the Training Band in order to gain further experience. 


Training Band & Junior Band


The City of Chester Training Band is open to players of all ages and abilities. Our current range is from 11 to 80 something... year olds, and a full variety in between.

The City of Chester Junior Band is open to players aged 7-11.

Please visit the Contact Us page if you wish to join either of these bands. Instruments can be provided free of charge.